Monday, September 7, 2009

Who Are The 'Little Ones'?

I often talk about the 'Little Ones'. You may wonder who they are. The Little Ones are Beth and Gabrielle. Rebekah is still a baby and will become a 'Little One' when she starts walking. I don't really refer to Rebekah as a 'Little One' yet.

I am going to tell you about Beth and Gabrielle.

Beth and Gabrielle either love each other or hate each other. It is extremely funny watching them hold hands and tell each other they love them one minute and the next minute they can't stand looking at each other!

They share a room and often I used to hear Beth telling Gabrielle to stop singing. Gabrielle used to sing a lullaby to make herself fall asleep!

These two are so cute! But, Beth is fast becoming a 'Big girl' and Rebekah will soon become a 'Little One', changing the dynamics of our family.

Beth and Gabrielle in one of their loving moods!

Gabrielle is mad about horses and used to steal my HQ magazines off my bedside table. Every Thursday I ask her where we are going, and she replies: "Horsies"! Pronounced 'ho-sees'!

Beth wants to do ballet when she is older. And she drives my mother crazy every day asking for schoolwork! She loves to be busy and is miserable when she is bored!

They are just so cute!

Life is very busy and loud with them in the house. But would not change it for the world!


kaelah said...

Beth and Gabrielle are so cute!

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Aren't they? I don't want them to grow up!


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely delighted to discover this. great job!