Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Day of Togetherness and Berry Picking

On a beautifully bright and sunny Friday morning, we drove towards Redberry Farm in George for a few hours of  enjoying one another's company and watching the younger girls play and pick strawberries...

This proved to be a fabulous opportunity for capturing some sweet moments with little Caleb and I am delighted to be sharing them with you.  I am sure you would like to see the rest of our family cuddling their baby brother close!

^ Caleb wasn't so keen on this hat, adorable as it may be...but maybe not quite his style...

 Now, you must forgive me, but I simply had to share all these pictures with you...they are the first of Caleb and I and they are very special indeed...I would like to print one out for a frame next to my bed.  Caleb is my little buddy and I adore him.  You see those plump baby cheeks of his?  Well, they are kissed throughout the day and not only by me...all his sisters love him to bits!

^ There are almost 19 and a half years between my brother and I...

 Now for the most precious pictures of all...  You can imagine how special it must have been for Mom to cuddle her little boy close and capture the moment in a photograph.  We praise the Lord for His grace and mercy in allowing Mom to recover from such a difficult operation in so little time.  Caleb is now eight weeks old and although my mother is still having to be extremely careful and does experience discomfort yet, God has been gracious and our hearts are truly thankful.

 ^ Kisses for Caleb...

^ Such a wonderful moment...Baby Caleb with his mommy and daddy. 

^ Daddy with his little boy...

 ^ And with his little girl, Sofia.  Sofia is almost five and is smitten with her baby brother - although at first she declared she didn't want a brother but rather a sister, she has absolutely changed her mind since then and thinks Caleb is the ''tootest''.  {{smiles}}

^ Nancy and little Caleb...there are sixteen and a half years between them.

Even though we do in fact grow our own strawberries, ours have not yet given us fruit this season as they are a different variety to those at the berry farm...  We needed some fresh berries and although they weren't quite so delicious as homegrown, it was a lovely treat for the girls to pick a little bowl for themselves...

^ Gabrielle...

 ^ Rebekah {7} with her harvest of berries...

 ^ Gabrielle {9} with her bowl of berries...

^ Beth {11} in the berry fields...I long for a big berry field such as this one!  Just think, my jam making pot would be filled everyday with seasonal goodness!

^ Sofia {4} opted for a horse ride instead...she is a natural horsewoman...
She has no fear of horses - how I would love to have a horse and teach her to ride!

And so a special morning came to an end.  Now that holidays have arrived and my dad is home for a couple weeks, we will be making more of an effort to go out as a family and make memories together...  {{smiles}}

Wishing each of you a delightful new week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On Caleb and the Busyness of Life...

Have you ever felt as if the days are simply a if the week goes by without you even realising that Monday has come and gone and the weekend is upon you once again?
That is how it has been in the Gray household of late; while we are in this delightful season of having a wee baby in the house, the normality of life has taken on a different flavour.
I find myself looking at Caleb who is just shy of eight weeks, wondering where time has gone...surely he isn't almost two months??

In between caring for this precious baby boy I am blessed to call my brother and enjoying the gorgeous smiles he gives, I have been fighting off colds every few weeks and trying to keep up with sewing for Heartmade...  The Lord has had His hand upon our little business and blessed us with orders and sales even though it is winter and our quiet time of year...thus, my sewing machine has been whirring daily!

I hope to show you what I have been making in a post very soon, but in the meantime how about stopping by our new shoppe Facebook page?  We decided to create a page for us to share our recent projects, updates on our Etsy shoppe and more and we hope that it will be a lovely growing opportunity for us!  Visit us by clicking here...

It is my hope to return to regular writing and visiting soon as oh!  I have missed you all very much and don't enjoy feeling like such a stranger around the blogging world...  While I am putting together a wonderful post of photographs from a recent family outing, I will share Caleb's seven week pictures with you...I am sure you aren't tiring of seeing this adorable boy yet!


Until next time, dear friends...may the Lord bless each of you with a joyful, annointed day!

In Christ,

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday Pearls

 "We have ample evidence that the Lord is able to guide. The promises cover every imaginable situation. All we need to do is to take the hand he stretches out."
~ Elisabeth Elliot

~ Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  Proverbs 3.5 ~

Blessings on this beautiful Thursday, dear friends!