Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Girls!

Since moving to the farm, the girls have all been so happy!  On the first day Gabrielle ran up and down the long drive shouting "Yahoo"!  Beth has been riding her bicycle unceasingly!!  She even started riding Nancy's bicycle!  Nancy is enjoying playing with our neighbours and Rebekah just LOVES being outside!!!  I am loving riding horses, cycling, looking after guinea pigs and building! 

All of us are happy and NEVER want to move to the town again!  When we have to go shop in town us girls usually stay at home - we really hate to go out!

Here are some photographs of my sisters!!  Hope you enjoy!

Rebekah reading! (1)

Gabrielle reading! (3)

Beth posing! (6) 

Aren't the little ones sooooooooooo cute?


Monday, August 2, 2010

Time In Cape Town And A Special Gift

This week I spent in Cape Town visiting my best friend.  We had a lovely time together making cards, blogging, talking and encouraging one another in our role as the eldest girls in our families!  Heidi is the second eldest of eight children and all our homeschooled, like my sisters and I.  Heidi and I love working together - making salad, helping around their house and looking after little ones.

We now live in the Knysna area, but my dad has been working in Cape Town for a few weeks.  I came back with him for a week.  After four days at Heidi, my dad came to pick me up and we went to my grandparents for was really nice!

After tha, we went to friends of ours to say hello and for my dad to pick up a new 8gb flash drive for himself.  I will have his old one so I can type my blog entries at home, put them on my flash drive, and take it to the library - so hopefully I will be able to blog more often!

Today I am at the school that my dad is teaching at - working on the computer and reading my new book...I will tell you more about it.

Here are the cards we made:

Isn't this a beautiful card Heidi made?

Here is mine - it is for Nancy who is turning eleven in October!

For Heidi's thirteenth birthday I gave her this beautiful book by Debi Pearl called 'Preparing To Be A Helpmeet' - you will love it!  It is for all young girls and single ladies on how to prepare to be a wife and a mother!  Whilst I visited at Heidi, we took turns reading a chapter when in bed.  I read last and just couldn't stop.  Yesterday as I was leaving  Heidi, they surprised me with my own book!!  I was so excited!  Here at my dad's school I am reading and already some of the christian girls want to get it - praise God!!  It is a wonderful book!

Heidi really spoilt me while staying there!  She and her mom took me to the scrapbook shop and bought me the most amazing papers, cardstocks and paper flowers - I cannot wait to make a card with them!

I have had a lovely stay in Cape Town, but I feel very ready to go home and live a farm life again - running bare feet, riding horses bareback and living a life some may call wild - but I wouldn't change it for the world - I never ever want to live in a town or city again!  I am so thankful that the Lord opened this door for our family!

Blessings to all,