Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Girls!

Since moving to the farm, the girls have all been so happy!  On the first day Gabrielle ran up and down the long drive shouting "Yahoo"!  Beth has been riding her bicycle unceasingly!!  She even started riding Nancy's bicycle!  Nancy is enjoying playing with our neighbours and Rebekah just LOVES being outside!!!  I am loving riding horses, cycling, looking after guinea pigs and building! 

All of us are happy and NEVER want to move to the town again!  When we have to go shop in town us girls usually stay at home - we really hate to go out!

Here are some photographs of my sisters!!  Hope you enjoy!

Rebekah reading! (1)

Gabrielle reading! (3)

Beth posing! (6) 

Aren't the little ones sooooooooooo cute?



Sarah said...

Hi Kelly-Anne

What are you building?

Sarah said...

Hey Kelly!
Your little sisters are so cute!