Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sofia Cherish {from birth to toddler}

This is a rather belated post, seeing as we celebrated Sofia’s first birthday last month already.  But it is very special to take a trip back in time, so I’ve put together a couple of my favourite photographs of each of Sofia’s ages and stages for all of my readers to enjoy…(and to bless my dearest mother…)

Mommy, two days before Sofia was born.

Little Sofia, four days old.

Baby Sofia with all her sisters.  This photo was taken during our three day vacation in Greyton after her birth.

1 week old

Two weeks old

Proud big sister Rebekah cuddling her baby sister.

Sleeping…this photo was taken after a trip to the beach.  We were all eating ice cream and standing around the car while Sofia slept soundly on the front seat!

Sofia’s teeny tiny toes at seven weeks.

Christmas 2011

Baby soft…

Sofia on Mom and Dad’s 18th anniversary, January 2012

Cuddles with Beth

Smiles for Mommy!

And more smiles!

Six months


10 months

And the two birthday girls!  Sofia turned one on the 12th of October and Nancy turned 13 on the 14th.  This photo was taken at Nancy’s birthday lunch.

Posing for her sister to take some photos…

The four ‘little ones’ eating lunch – On the left is Gabrielle (front) and Beth (back).  Rebekah is behind Sofia on the right hand side.  I love this photo so much and will cherish it always:)

The youngest and the oldest – Sofia and I.

Walking at a year and one month!

And now little Sofia is no longer a baby, but a toddler…

…And what joy she brings to her family!

Love you Fifi.