Thursday, July 25, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Twenty Three

Good afternoon, friends and a happy Thursday to you all!  Today I want to share craft number twenty three with you...

My sisters and I tried making butterfly mobiles again for our weekly craft day.  Some of you may remember my blogging about this particular craft before (way back in 2009), but for those who don't,you can find the instructions here.

I just love how my mobile turned out...

 What crafty things have you been busy with these past few weeks?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Most Memorable Birthday

On the 22nd we celebrated Beth’s ninth birthday.  How incredible to look back and think of where we were and where we’ve come from since that blessed day I heard my dad’s voice on the phone, telling me I had a new little sister named Beth...

 Beth is now the vibrant young lady who fills our lives with fun.  She is the tomboy in the family who enjoys spending her time baking something yummy or sewing up a dress for her Barbie doll just as much as she loves riding her bike or playing with the dog.  She may be loud and enthusiastic, but she is also very sensitive and feeling...

Beth spent her day reading (her favourite pastime), playing with her sisters and in between creating a decadent Banoffee Pie for the evening’s dessert.  She also helped me prepare her birthday dinner of gourmet hamburgers, learning a few basic things as we went along...  She is a very eager young cook who is desperate to learn and try new things in the kitchen.


Since Beth’s birth I have been privileged enough to become a big sister to three more beautiful little girls.  Gabrielle joined our family when I was ten years old, Rebekah when I was twelve and Sofia when I was fourteen.  It still amazes me to think of how different and truly wonderful our lives are because of them...

Sofia and Rebekah playing together.

On Monday evening, during our toast to the birthday girl, my sisters and I had the wonderful and very exciting surprise to hear we would (God willing) be celebrating again very soon! 
At sixteen years old I get to enjoy the expectation of another gift of life!

Rebekah (4.1 years) cuddling the pony.

Our family now await another precious blessing – the arrival of another arrow for God’s army; another baby in our family...  A sixth sister, a seventh child...

Sofia (1.9 years) playing with Sarafina in the wheelbarrow.

What a very happy way to end such a special day!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Twenty Two

Hello everyone!  If you have been wondering where I have been these past few weeks, you need not fear.  I have not decided to quit blogging, I have just been way too busy crafting, shopping and visiting to be able to write anything at all! 

My grandmother stayed with us for a week last week, and whenever she comes we find ourselves caught up in talking all things crafty and visiting wonderful places together. 

Last Wednesday we had a girl’s day in town – just the four of us (Granny, Mom, Nancy and I) browsed through material shops and craft shops and then enjoyed coffee together.  We had such fun and were able to get quite a few new goodies to add to our collections...

But in amongst our busyness, I have at least managed to try quite a few new projects!  As Granny is a wonderful knitter, I asked her to show me a few new stitches and help me to make something sweet. 

I decided on giving the knitted mouse in the October 2012 issue of Ideas Magazine a try...

Although I wouldn’t call myself  a passionate knitter, I am very proud of myself for finishing and actually enjoying a knitting project.  I will even confess that I am quite hooked now, especially after Granny bought me a gorgeous book on knitting teddy bears!

What have you been up to lately?