Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beth's Entry for SSC #2 - 'Accessories'

Here is Beth's entry for my Sensational Sewing Challenge #2 - 'Accessories'.  Beth is a very loving seven year old sister to me and she was exctatic she could enter her bigger sister's challenge!

This is what she made.........

A Ric Rac Bracelet!  Mom found the idea here.

I would love it if you could also enter this month!  All you have to do is sew any accessory and enter it HERE!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i can't wait to meet you at last!

Is it that close at hand till I cradle you tenderly in my arms?  Till I smell your soft newborn scent and kiss your downy head?  How I long to meet you – to know your name!  It has been many long months of waiting, you know.  Why do you have to take so long?  Don’t you know, my dearest little brother or sister, that you have five eager older sisters who are desperate to have you in their home and to hear your baby cries?  We have all had to work very hard and sacrifice much over the last few months, but at last our reward is within sight!

I know that your two year old sister, Rebekah is fascinated by Mommy’s big tummy and the life inside.  I know that, for the first time in this long pregnancy, I laid my hand on Mommy’s tummy the other day and felt you kicking and moving around!  You have been a very quiet baby in there, haven’t you little darling?

I do hope you will love and enjoy being made much of and that you don’t mind your photograph being have a big sister who is obsessed with taking photographs and displaying them proudly on her won’t mind will you?

Your sisters aren’t the ordinary type, I confess, but please don’t mind our queer ways, soon you will grow up and become one of us, too! 

We are ready to devote ourselves to you entirely for the next twelve months and beyond. We will watch you cry, take a bath, sit up for the first time, cut your first teeth, taste your first foods and learn to crawl and walk. When I think of all these things, little one, it seems you will take forever to grow up, but we all know that babies aren’t teeny tiny forever – they grow up, just like I’ve grown up and very quickly, too.

So, now I must help Mommy, take care of your older sisters and keep praying, for we will be there to meet you in two weeks time ~

Yours truly,

{These photographs are of Rebekah Faith as a baby - now a gorgeous little two year old}

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time for Tots - Activity #15

This weeks’ activity is a follow on from the ‘tot tea party’. After having fun and making a mess, Rebekah and Gabrielle were required to clean up...well, as far as they could ‘clean up’ without making much more mess! My mother thinks it is a good thing to teach little ones to start helping with chores from a young age. Work shouldn’t be viewed as a tiresome, horrible thing, but as fun!

Rebekah and Gabrielle did the dishes (not!) after their tea party. Yes indeed, those dishes got washed and dried, washed and dried several times over – in fact I needn’t have washed them again that afternoon they were so clean! (I am chief-in-charge-dishwasher!!)

I half filled a tub with warm water and a squirt of dish washing liquid. I put a sponge in the water and draped a dish cloth over my arm. Off I marched to deliver the dish washing supplies to my two (very) helpful and eager little ladies!

They took turns.  Gabrielle washed first and Rebekah dried, then Rebekah washed and Gabrielle dried.  It worked very nicely but I must admit that poor Gabrielle often found herself being bullied into drying because Rebekah, though two years younger and what we thought and called ‘the little baby’ because she was the smallest, most serene babe of the lot, thought that SHE should wash!  Often Madam thinks she is the older one and Gabrielle the younger!  They are so sweet, these two!

Scrubbing the tea cup shiny clean – a job well done!

Making sure they tea set is completely dry is a very important part of doing the dishes!

Gabrielle having a turn washing the dishes and Rebekah learning to be content with the drying up!

And dear Rebekah was made to dry! It is important that both jobs should be viewed equal. I have been ‘Dish Washing Mistress’ for years and Nancy the ‘Chief dryer-upper’. We find that without the one doing her job properly (and quickly), even though it might be much less ‘important’, the other cannot complete or do her job properly. No matter what we do, let us do it for the Lord!

After much drying and washing, the dishes were eventually packed onto a tray and taken inside where a bomb had obviously been dropped during the preparations for the tea party, so Nancy and I had to do our ‘important jobs’ and put the house back together again while Mom saw to the now, very wet tots. Another thing we have learned so far is that many hands do in fact make light work, especially when we work as equals and with happy, cheerful hearts. Nobody likes an unhappy, miserable and sour-faced worker! Tots learn by watching – ‘Tot see, tot do’. Ouch! A very big and important responsibility since little sisters (and brothers) look up to the big ones and copy, I think sometimes more so than they copy Mom or Dad! So, fellow big sisters in Christ, let us watch our attitude towards work and towards each other!

YOU can take part in Time for Tots!  Just go to THIS page and have a look!

At the end of a tot school year, I will pick five of my favourite toddler activity ideas and each finalist will receive a ‘Tot Champ’ button....BUT, the ‘Top of the Tots’ will receive a ‘Tot Box’ filled with fun goodies to make and do with 1-5 year olds! Isn’t that fun?!

‘To the Tots’,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Week in Pictures V

Hi everyone!  Today I would like to show you another week of ours in pictures - a better week than last – I didn’t make too many mistakes.  Ha!

I made these delicious apple, date and spice muffins for a snack one day last week.  I made them again the next day, but with raisins instead of dates because they were just so good :)

Our advent calendar is pointing at 14 more sleeps...can you believe it???

This is a quick glance at our bedroom on sorting out day.  The three younger girls need new clothes for Cape Town, so we went through our big hand-me-down boxes and found plenty of new items of clothing for summer!  This is how messy our bed was, but if you just had to take a quick peek around the corner to the kitchen and the Little One’s bedroom, you would probably have screamed “Oh, help!” and fled.  Needless to say it took ages to clean up, but since I suggested we do the clothes, you could blame it on me :(

This is dear old Smokey, Nancy’s cat, on a lazy afternoon.

Sometimes I think I would happily trade places with him...he gets regular meals without having to do a lick of work and usually spends the day sleeping somewhere warm.  On the other hand, a lazy life like that wouldn’t suit me – I always have great plans for what I want to do/achieve each day and I do enjoy working :)

One morning last week, I looked out of the bathroom window (!) and saw a puffball growing in a perfect spot.  So I went outside and took a few pictures and these are the results.

I love this one...the focus on the tiny drop of water is incredible!

I helped Beth glue all her ‘How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World’ lapbook pieces into her book.  She was so proud seeing the finished product!  (She uses the ‘Five in a Row’ curriculum)

And so the sun set after a very hot Sunday afternoon...

I hope you had a blessed week, too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Snapshot Saturday - Architecture

This week at Snapshot Saturday, the theme is ‘architecture’.  Here is my entry:

I would also like to thank Jessica, from the beautiful photography blog ‘Shutter Speed Pictures’, for giving me my second ‘Liebster Blog’ award! 

The aim of this award is to give it to 3 -5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light {not with thousands of followers already}. So here are the terms for accepting the award:

Create a post on your blog, showing your award and that you accept it – done.
Thank the person who gave you the award and give a link to her blog – done.
Finally, pass on the award to 3 – 5 other blogs – done.

I am passing the award on to:

Sarah, from Easy Make and Do and my young friend Danika, from Crafts by Danika.

I hope you enjoy your coming weekend!

Till next week ~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Sweet Award

Rebecca from ‘Living for Christ’ gave me this lovely blog award today! Thank you, Rebecca!

The object of this particular award is to award bloggers who believe in Jesus Christ and write freely about Him and His glory on their blogs and encourage others. The requirements for this award are to:

1: Explain three things that have encouraged you on your walk of faith, like a particular verse in the Bible or a prayer, book or someone who has really touched your life. It must be a certain moment, whether in church, a retreat, etc.

2: Pass this award onto three other Godly bloggers.

I.  My mother, sisters and I receive a beautiful magazine called ‘Above Rubies’, started by Nancy Campbell over 30 years ago.  This magazine is sent all over the world, encouraging and strengthening families in Christ.  I am always inspired reading it, and so is my Mother.

II.  Years ago I read a book called Mary Jones and her Bible.  I was absolutely amazed at this little girl’s love for Jesus and her willingness to do all she could for Him.  After saving her hard earned money for a long time, she makes the long journey to buy her own Bible.

III. I keep a little book in my journal case in which I write verses which have encouraged me. I don’t often wake early enough to have a quiet time; usually everyone is up by the time I’ve ‘found’ myself. But when I do spend time with God, I savour it. This book is not quite halfway full with different pieces of scripture, but still, when I go through it, I feel blessed!

I would very much like to pass this award on to the following Godly bloggers:

My dear friend, Heidi-Mari from Heidi’s Crafts

And Aunty Linnie from Back to Ancient Ways

I hope you are all having a special day and are being blessed and being a blessing!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Advent Calendar

It is so exciting to think our new little baby brother/sister is due in 21 days! Our whole family is going down to Cape Town for the birth, as my Mother’s doctor practises in Cape Town and is willing to do a sixth caesarean section for her. At one point we were a little worried about the logistics. Organising a large family for a trip to Cape Town, which is a six-seven hour drive away, and a place to stay for all of us during the period when Mom is in hospital is quite overwhelming! However, before we had a chance to get too anxious, dear friends of ours offered for us to stay with them for the four to five day stay! How wonderful is God? Now the little ones will feel safe and secure, playing with their little friends and not missing Mommy too much. I’m delighted too, as I am going to be with my very dear friend during that time! We both love little ones, so while watching them, etc, we can talk and ‘catch up’ as it has been a year since I saw her last.

To count down the very busy days till we leave for Cape Town, I decided to make an advent calendar, starting at thirty sleeps. Mom thought this an excellent idea and gave me permission to ask Dad, who works in town, to buy a big packet of Jelly Babies (sweets).

This is my completed advent calendar – it took me two or three days to make because there were so many squares to cut out and distress!  You may ask: “Why make such an elaborate calendar?” but, you see it is a reusable 30 day calendar!  I put three Jelly Babies in each cellophane packet, one for each of the little ones, and tied a piece of pink lace around it to seal it. 

Each day they open a flap and get one little sweetie.  They really love doing this, and Mom, Nancy and I like it too as we can easily see how many days are left.

I decorated each little square differently, some with a brad, some with ribbon.  I love how colourful it is!

And now we have 20 sleeps till we leave...

I’m entering the following challenges with my advent calendar:

Anything Goes Challenge - Anything Goes
Lollipop Crafts -Anything BUT A Card
Quirky Crafts - Anything But a Card

Challenges found on:

Some of you may not know that I’ve started a monthly sewing challenge. My current theme is ‘Accessories’ and anyone of any age can enter their handmade projects HERE. So feel free to go to my Sensational Sewing Challenge page and have a look!!

Many blessing,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday Moments and Click and Capture Photo Contest


Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your week so far?  I am entering this picture into Monday Moments Photo Contest for ‘Focus’ and into Click and Capture Photo Contest for ‘Anything.  I took it yesterday afternoon while enjoying delicious pancakes!

Lots of love,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Week in Pictures - IV

Hi everyone!  Another very busy week has passed us – can you believe this is my fourth weeks review post and in only three more, we will be getting ready to welcome our new baby home!? 

First of all, we did Time for Tots with Beth, Gabrielle and Rebekah. They made Macaroni Noodle Necklaces and you can read more here.

We don’t have a Mouse’s Favourite Book this week, but Beth and Gabrielle are also listening to their read aloud by Mom – Charlotte’s Web. They sit on the couch listening with wide eyes and sometimes sniffing in the sad parts:)

After a crazy morning of no running water as our water pump was not working properly, Gabrielle had a spring photo session...

We went to the beach with dear friends of ours and then to the forest for lunch.  You can see more of our pictures here.

The Little Ones and Mommy made chocolate chip cookies – yum!

They also planted Marigolds as they are learning about the letter M.

After a shopping trip to the George Mall where I found 'Garfield the Movie', (a present for the little ones :) for a very reasonable price and got some new scrapbook paper for Nancy’s birthday card, our family headed to Wilderness beach to have a quick picnic lunch. Of course we all went for a run on the beach, too!

Dad throwing Rebekah up in the air – she loves this!


The Little Ones running races on the beach.

The beautiful sea...

...The photographer (Me) was in her element this week with two beach trips and a lunch trip to the forest!

Which pictures do you like the most?  I hope you enjoyed your week just as much as we did!

Don't forget, Sensational Sewing Challenge - Accessories closes in just over ten days!  You can go HERE to enter your accessories and even if you don't have a blog, you can email your project to me and I will enter it on your behalf.  Anyone of any age can enter so be sure to have a look here!!!