Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Week in Pictures – #2

Hi everyone! We experienced many long and rainy days this week which put rather a damper on all the fun things we had planned to do! At least one lovely thing happened this week, and fortunately the weather played along – we celebrated the first of spring!
Here is our week in pictures:

We celebrated the first of September which inspired me to step outside and take a few shots of flowers {I love this picture so much!}.

I {Finally} finished my drawstring bag!  I love it so much, even though it did take hard work, patience and a whole lot of perseverance!

{The adorable Three Blind Mice: Gabrielle age four, Beth age seven and Rebekah age two.}

Our ‘Mouse’s Favourite Book of the Week’ is ‘The Sleepy Dormouse’ by Mark Ezra. I’ll leave you to find out what it’s about!

Gabrielle loved Snowflake, the farm’s old mare.  Don’t you just love the ‘moodiness’ of this picture?

My barley grew some more...

...And so did my beetroot. {Coming soon}.

Beth also loved the horses...isn’t she too cute with her new haircut?

Sensational Sewing Challenge #2 was posted – ‘Accessories’ is the new theme! You can enter HERE.

I read the following books this week while listening to the rain drumming on the roof:

The Indian Captive by Lois Lenski
The Railway Children by E. Nesbit
Prince Caspian by CS Lewis

Horrible weather meant no tot school :-( It was just ‘one of those’ weeks, but hopefully the next one will be better!

My resolutions for the week are a) to be more cheerful, b) to do Time for Tots, despite the weather, c) to finish another bag I’ve started :D

Exciting bit of News: Cocoa, Beth’s guinea pig had three more babies: Snap, Crackle and Pop.

How was YOUR week? What is the weather like where YOU live? Do YOU have any exciting news or resolutions for the week? Please leave me a comment below!

Blessings for the week ahead,

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