Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Week in Pictures #3

I really cannot believe another week has passed and it is time to show you what we did this week again!  It is now only four weeks till New Baby is due – it seems too close to believe.  We had quite a productive week cleaning up and organizing a new routine for school and chores and I think it will work much better.  But, now for our week pictures:

I prepared a really yummy lunch of spinach and cheese muffins with a garnish of tomato, red cabbage, olives, avocado pear and red cabbage.  Everybody loved these and you can find the recipe here.

Gabrielle and Rebekah played together and were really very cute!

I sorted out our courtyard garden for my mother.  It really looks lovely now!  You can read more about it here.

We visited friends for supper and the girls played with ball guns – it kept them busy for most of the evening, phew!

I love this picture.

I discovered some more amazing and beautiful flowers...

The sky and the clouds were incredible early one morning!  We now find with the sun rising earlier and the weather being warmer, everyone (almost) is up and awake at about 6am or 6:30am when Dad usually leaves for work.

We also organized...

...And sorted out the schoolroom/Nancy and my bedroom.  It looks really nice now and it is going to be wonderful working in there.  However, a ready hand needs to be kept on it so I am ‘in charge’ of doing a quick clean up at the end of the day.  We moved our sewing table and sewing things into our room too, so now I can sew at night and not bother anybody (or be bothered...:)

We did ‘Time for Tots’…

…And acted cute! The tots and I made paper bag kites and you can read more about it here.

Oh, and by the way their ‘Mouse’s favourite book of the week’ is ‘The Most Precious Thing’. Little Bear finds a beautiful blue stone one morning and says she is sure this stone is the most precious thing in the whole world, but Mommy Bear says there is an even more precious thing than that beautiful blue stone! It takes Little Bear a long time to search for it, but eventually finds out what the most precious thing is…!

I read a few more of the Chronicles of Narnia books this week when it was afternoon naptime. I really enjoy the peace and quiet of naptime and when you’re really tired, it comes as such a pleasure!

Days Till Our New Baby Brother/Sister is Born!!!

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How was YOUR week? What did YOU do/achieve?

Blessings for the week ahead,


Jessica said...

I just adore that sky and clouds picture!

Soy Celeste said...

Kelly, para mi visitar tu blog es como una aventura. Las fotos son excelentes! He descubierto flores que no conocía, podemos disfrutar tus trabajos manuales, y las recetas! etc, etc. Ustedes le transmiten a todos que debemos vivir el hoy, como está escrito en la Biblia. Y que Dios está presente en la sencillez de todas las cosas. Gracias. Que Él los bendiga.