Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Week in Pictures - IV

Hi everyone!  Another very busy week has passed us – can you believe this is my fourth weeks review post and in only three more, we will be getting ready to welcome our new baby home!? 

First of all, we did Time for Tots with Beth, Gabrielle and Rebekah. They made Macaroni Noodle Necklaces and you can read more here.

We don’t have a Mouse’s Favourite Book this week, but Beth and Gabrielle are also listening to their read aloud by Mom – Charlotte’s Web. They sit on the couch listening with wide eyes and sometimes sniffing in the sad parts:)

After a crazy morning of no running water as our water pump was not working properly, Gabrielle had a spring photo session...

We went to the beach with dear friends of ours and then to the forest for lunch.  You can see more of our pictures here.

The Little Ones and Mommy made chocolate chip cookies – yum!

They also planted Marigolds as they are learning about the letter M.

After a shopping trip to the George Mall where I found 'Garfield the Movie', (a present for the little ones :) for a very reasonable price and got some new scrapbook paper for Nancy’s birthday card, our family headed to Wilderness beach to have a quick picnic lunch. Of course we all went for a run on the beach, too!

Dad throwing Rebekah up in the air – she loves this!


The Little Ones running races on the beach.

The beautiful sea...

...The photographer (Me) was in her element this week with two beach trips and a lunch trip to the forest!

Which pictures do you like the most?  I hope you enjoyed your week just as much as we did!

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Jessica said...

Love your beachy pictures! So beautiful.

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you, Jessica! My favourite picture of the beach is the waves in B/W. Glad you stopped by:)