Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gabrielle||Spring Photo Session

This afternoon I took a few spring pictures of my second youngest sister, Gabrielle age four.  She put on her new, very colourful dress and I snapped away!  To add some interest to her pictures, I gave her two green balloons to hold, which you will see below!

This is my favourite one of her and I’m entering it into Monday Moments photo contest for 'Two of a Kind'.

Don’t you just love her dress?

I quite like this picture, too!

She got rather annoyed with me after a while...I was enjoying myself, but my model wasn’t: D!

This is a typical ‘Gabrielle’ face...too cute!

Which photograph of Miss Gabrielle do you like the most?



Rebecca said...

Too cute! I love the first one, it's awesome!

Kelly-Anne said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I love that one, too!

Jessica said...

So sweet :)

Melissa said...

These are SO cute!!!!
Thanks for linking up :)

Heidi-Mari said...

Oh Kelly,
Gabrielle is SO cute!! I love her beautiful, bright, girly dress! It’s SO pretty!!!
She is growing up so fast and starting to look like Beth.
Have a blessed week my friend
Lots of love

Kelly-Anne said...

@ Heidi-Mari: Isn't she? I love her so much! I think she quite enjoyed the fuss! Miss you loads, my friend! Kelly~Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

@ Jessica and Melissa: Thanks so much! So glad you stopped by:) Kelly~Anne

Sarah said...

I really like your pictures!

Kelly-Anne said...

Glad you like them, Sarah!!! Love, Kelly-Anne