Wednesday, October 30, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Thirty Two

With October almost at an end and Christmas fast approaching, it is time to begin turning our thoughts to all things Festive.  Mom, Nancy and I have been going through all her and Granny’s old Christmas magazines the last few days, looking for some fun projects to make over the coming season.

This weekend will see us older girls in the kitchen baking our Christmas fruit cake.  After having great success last year, we have established the baking of our own Christmas cake as a firm tradition.  We’ll have to give some thought to its decorating, though...

I started off this week with some festive sewing.  The beautiful fabric reindeer ornament featured in the December 2012 issue of Crafts Beautiful was the project I decided to undertake and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  My mom helped me with the finishing touches as I am not 100% comfortable with attaching ears and eyes to any stuffed animal!  As it is my little reindeer (which has been christened Rosy) has to live with a terrible nose...
 I used my gorgeous vintage fabric to make Rosy so you might say she is quite a special reindeer...

 With only ten more weeks left in 2013, I’d better get a move on with sharing the projects I tackled this year!  There are a few Christmassy ideas coming this way very soon, so if you’re feeling a bit uninspired to start with your festivities, be sure to take a look at the loveliness I have planned for next week:-)

Do you celebrate Christmas?  If so, what is your favourite thing about this season?


Saturday, October 26, 2013

The New Two

Littlest sister, Sofia, turned two last week Saturday.  Here are her two year photographs...



Don’t you just love the sweet dress she is wearing?  Nancy spent a week making it for her as a birthday present...

Sofia and Nancy (whose birthday was on the 14th) celebrated together on Sunday the 13th with a lovely family dinner and had a combined birthday tea on Monday afternoon.  Nancy and Beth made fondant icing tea cups, tea pots and flowers to place on top of Turkish delight cupcakes.

Beautiful aren’t they?

I think it is safe to say she enjoyed her tea party:-)

 Two beautiful birthday girls.

 To a positively adorable two year old sister:  you add so much joy to this family and keep us all entertained with your antics!  I’m so thankful God gave you to us.  Love you lots sweetie.