Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 Nancy celebrated her fourteenth birthday yesterday.

The beautiful Turkish delight cake she made herself.  Nancy and I tried our hand at making rose scented Turkish delight the week before – I will share more on these lovely treats in another post sometime soon...
 The cutest sisters.  Sofia turned two on the 12th, so she and Nancy had a combined birthday tea yesterday.  She loved the cupcakes Nancy made for her...
 Nancy and Beth made the adorable fondant tea cups, flowers and tea pots.  The cupcakes were also made with Turkish delight and were too sweet for words!
  “What a difficult choice – which one to have?”

  The little girls enjoying the celebration!
 To a beautiful fourteen year old sister; I love you very much.  You are so creative and an inspiration.  May the Lord continue to lead and guide you in your life and bless you in all you do!  Hugs and kisses. Xxx


Mumz Aunty Pam said...

Soooo lovely!! Well done to you all!! My special love to everyone.

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you Aunty Pam:-)

Ginger Girls said...

What adorable cupcakes!!!!!! Great job on the cake too!!! I have heard of Turkish Delight, but what exactly is it made out of??? Can you make it yourself or is it something you have to buy?

Sapphire P.S. Happy Birthday to your sister!!!!