Sunday, October 31, 2010

Make A Heart Brooch

Yesterday afternoon I decided to make a felt heart.  My mom makes them as gifts and to sell at markets and she offered for me to make one, too!  I have only ever made one felt ‘something’ which was the SUN!  

This is what I used:

·         A piece of pink and a piece of blue felt
·         A coloured button 
·         One piece of blue embroidery cotton and one piece of pink
·         A little bit of stuffing
·         A brooch pin
·         A needle
·         My mom’s good, sharp sewing scissors
·         Two heart templates, one small and the other large
·         A black pen for tracing

I first traced my hearts on the felt.  Two large on the blue and one small on the pink.


I then cut them out and

Sewed on the brooch pin.


The green button got sewed onto the small, pink heart next.

Then the pink heart got sewed onto the large, blue heart.


Two pieces ready to be sewn together.


I sewed the pieces together with pink cotton.  

I then stuffed it and sewed it up.


And then I was done!

Beth age six who modelled for me!
I gave the brooch to Gabrielle because I wouldn’t really wear it myself!

Why don’t you try making one yourself?  It is really very easy and quick to make!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post

I really apologize for not writing about Nancy’s birthday sooner – we have been very busy lately so I just haven’t had time!

Nancy celebrated her 11th birthday on October the 14th, which was a Thursday.  She thoroughly enjoyed her day in spite of torrential rain!  It is a tradition in our home that we don’t have to do chores on our birthday!  She read and read and read – her favourite pastime!  And since it was raining, it didn’t matter as there was not much else to do!

My mom and dad told her that their present was still to come.  She is getting a kitten, but we are waiting until they are old enough to leave their mammas!
My gift to her was a complete blogging course.  I set up her blog, which is the boring part and she selected a background and learnt how to add gadgets (i.e. labels, followers, cluster maps etc.).  She had so much fun blogging, so watch out for new posts on her up-and-coming blog, Homemaker In Training.  Please won’t you hop over and leave her some love on her ‘comments’ page?  I know she would appreciate it lots!!

 Me giving Nancy a few hints and tips!

My mom taught Nancy how to make a jointed teddy bear.  She used to sell traditional jointed bears and Nancy has been longing to make one, so as a gift, my mom gave her a bear making course!  Read more about it in her first post: “Happy Birthday To Me”.

Cutting out.

Back to birthdays.  Nancy’s friend baked a yummy cake with jelly eggs on the top!  She and her family, along with our neighbour, Aunty Michelle, came to celebrate Nancy’s birthday with her!

Delicious cake!

"Let Them Eat Cake!"

Thursday came and went and the next big thing she was looking forward to was Saturday, when all our friends from Sedgefield came to play games and have a braai (barbeque) with us.  It was lovely to see all the homeschooled children running around!  We played a few games of rounders, which is something like baseball.  

 The Blue Team.

Then it was time for tea and cake! 

I LOVE lemon icing on Madeira cake!  Here is the recipe.

The children went off to play while the dads started the fire and the moms, myself and one of my friends cleaned the kitchen before the next shift!  In a small house we have to clean continually! 

We had a good supper of different salads, olives, potatoes and meat!  Nancy really enjoyed her party very much! 


Rebekah, age 16 months enjoying her sausage!  She is really getting cute and is ‘Nancy’s baby’!  She even looks like Nancy did when she was a baby!

Now our little 10-year-old is an 11-year-old!  I really cannot believe that it was a whole year ago I wrote the post ‘A Decade Of Memories’.  I remember she wasn’t impressed because I got the title wrong and called it ’10 Decades Of Memories’!  


Dear Nancy, I hope 11 is a great year for you!  May you be lead and guided by Jesus throughout your life!  Enjoy your blogging and your kitten and may you shine your light so that others may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven!
Much Love and Blessings,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

God Sent Rain

Yesterday evening I transplanted 33 sweetcorn seedlings into my garden that I had grown from seed.

Sweetcorn greeting the world

After raising the bed a bit, I made little ‘bowls’ in the earth and planted a little sweetcorn seedling in each one. 

I sowed 2 rows of peas and 1 row of beans directly next to each sweetcorn seedling.

This morning I awoke to the musical sound of falling rain!  My mom reckons that God waited for me to plant my sweetcorn before He sent the rain!



P.S.  We haven’t had a good downpour for quite some time now, so we welcome this weather with open arms.  This area has been in drought for about 2 years, but we pray all the time for God to send the rain, and He did!