Thursday, October 14, 2010

God Sent Rain

Yesterday evening I transplanted 33 sweetcorn seedlings into my garden that I had grown from seed.

Sweetcorn greeting the world

After raising the bed a bit, I made little ‘bowls’ in the earth and planted a little sweetcorn seedling in each one. 

I sowed 2 rows of peas and 1 row of beans directly next to each sweetcorn seedling.

This morning I awoke to the musical sound of falling rain!  My mom reckons that God waited for me to plant my sweetcorn before He sent the rain!



P.S.  We haven’t had a good downpour for quite some time now, so we welcome this weather with open arms.  This area has been in drought for about 2 years, but we pray all the time for God to send the rain, and He did!

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