Sunday, October 13, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Thirty One

I found a small and undecorated wooden box in the craft drawers this morning.  Turning it over in my hands, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  On my list of crafty favourites, there in bold letters stands decoupage.  I love how one can take something terribly ugly such as a wooden box and turn it into something incredibly beautiful.  All you need is a little paint, some old gift wrap or scrapbook paper and podge.  Did I mention that podge is on my list of ‘must haves’ in the craft room?  And good decoupage varnish just adds such a lovely finish to any decoupaged item.

Next week Monday (the 14th) my thirteen year old sister becomes a fourteen year old.  And although I am not exactly a person who procrastinates, I do sometimes hit a blank and can't get into a crafty spirit of any sorts and leave making a gift to just days or hours before the occasion.  So although I probably had hundreds of things I should have done today, I spent a free hour or so painting, cutting and podging.  I felt like a small child; shut up in my mom’s workroom, crafting away in peace and quiet.  I even somehow managed to get podge in my hair and some over the floor.  Please don’t ask questions:-)  

I’m sure Nancy guessed what I was up to – any person with a birthday so near at hand becomes a little suspicious...

  Hopefully she’ll like her gift and use it for whatever purpose she deems fit. 

What do you do as a hobby?



Ginger Girls said...

Ha ha, sound like me! My sister just had her birthday not too long ago and I made her birthday card the night before along with a Happy Birthday poster, and wrote out the words for her card. My hobbies?? Probably painting, cooking and playing my piano.

Sapphire P.S. Great Job on the box!!!!

Kelly-Anne said...

You have lovely hobbies, Sapphire! I used to play piano, now I play cello. And cooking and painting are wonderful hobbies to have! Thank you so much for commenting:-) Blessings, Kelly-Anne Xxx