Monday, October 7, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Thirty

 Isn’t it lovely to stock up on one’s craft supplies?  I must admit that our store of crafty items was looking rather sad, so a visit to the scrapbook and material shop was certainly enjoyed by us older girls last Monday morning.

I have been going through so many craft magazines lately in an attempt to find simple, cost effective things to try not only for this challenge but also to keep us busy on the rainy days when we can’t be outside.  

I also have plenty of Christmas cards to begin making – there are so many lovely designs I can’t wait to try.  Plus we were very inspired in our gift making by looking at all the beautiful things available in the shops:-)

But this week I’d like to show you these adorable little gift boxes I made...

I love making gift boxes – I love tracing, folding and filling them.  And these cute ones from Ideas were just delightful to put together.  You can find the template and instructions in the March 2013 edition of Ideas magazine.

Now I must just add that the reason behind my lack of blogging has not been because of lack of interest.  We have just had a few minor internet issues which are now hopefully sorted out for a while!  I hope you’ve enjoyed the sudden burst of thoughts that have been shared all in one go, though – I have been saving them up specially!  

P.S.  How does everyone like my new design?

Much love,


Ginger Girls said...

Those little boxes are so sweet!!! Do you free draw the pattern for them, or do you have a pattern to follow??


Tangerine-Tane said...

Such lovely gift boxes! I really wish I had your skill at crafts. I love to do such things but I am never happy with the result - anyway, I think yours look perfectly pretty. ♥ And I really like your new blog design.
Tane xoxox

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, Tane! You're too kind:-) I have plenty and plenty of projects I just can't seem to get right! Usually I put them aside for when I feel like fixing them up... Sometimes I just can't bear to look at them:-) But thank you for your very sweet comment!

Much love and hugs,

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Sapphire,
Thank you so much for always taking the time to leave me a comment:-) The templates for these gift boxes are from a South African craft magazine called Ideas. However you can find many different templates all over the internet - I definitely couldn't draw one myself:-)