Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i can't wait to meet you at last!

Is it that close at hand till I cradle you tenderly in my arms?  Till I smell your soft newborn scent and kiss your downy head?  How I long to meet you – to know your name!  It has been many long months of waiting, you know.  Why do you have to take so long?  Don’t you know, my dearest little brother or sister, that you have five eager older sisters who are desperate to have you in their home and to hear your baby cries?  We have all had to work very hard and sacrifice much over the last few months, but at last our reward is within sight!

I know that your two year old sister, Rebekah is fascinated by Mommy’s big tummy and the life inside.  I know that, for the first time in this long pregnancy, I laid my hand on Mommy’s tummy the other day and felt you kicking and moving around!  You have been a very quiet baby in there, haven’t you little darling?

I do hope you will love and enjoy being made much of and that you don’t mind your photograph being have a big sister who is obsessed with taking photographs and displaying them proudly on her won’t mind will you?

Your sisters aren’t the ordinary type, I confess, but please don’t mind our queer ways, soon you will grow up and become one of us, too! 

We are ready to devote ourselves to you entirely for the next twelve months and beyond. We will watch you cry, take a bath, sit up for the first time, cut your first teeth, taste your first foods and learn to crawl and walk. When I think of all these things, little one, it seems you will take forever to grow up, but we all know that babies aren’t teeny tiny forever – they grow up, just like I’ve grown up and very quickly, too.

So, now I must help Mommy, take care of your older sisters and keep praying, for we will be there to meet you in two weeks time ~

Yours truly,

{These photographs are of Rebekah Faith as a baby - now a gorgeous little two year old}


Rebecca said...

Actually, my Mom just had a baby yesterday!
Her name is Tirzah Grace.
Check out the post on my blog all about her ;)

Sam (Kom) said...

It is so exciting and I am so glad to be able to keep in touch and follow you all on this blog.

So looking forward to that first photo!!!

Wishing you all well.

Kelly-Anne said...

Wow! That is great news, Rebecca! Enjoy her:) Love, Kelly-Anne

Thank you so much for stopping by, Sam! I really love hearing from you - I'm looking forward to posting those first photographs, too! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne