Friday, September 16, 2011

A Beautiful Day at the Beach and Forest

On Thursday dear friends of ours called and asked us if we would like to take a trip to the beach and then head to the forest for a picnic lunch the next day? Of course we said yes! As Dad was at work, it was just us girls who went on this outing and, to bless Mommy, Nancy and I looked after the younger ones so she could stay home and rest. Only 25 sleeps or so till Baby is born and as you can imagine, Mom is very tired and in desperate need of a rest!

We were ready by 9:30am on Wednesday morning – chores all done (we try NEVER to leave chores undone!) and animals fed. Although it rained a little during the night, the morning dawned bright and clear, which we were very thankful for.

We first went to Buffalo Bay, near Knysna for an hour or so as it was low tide. The girls discovered amazing things hidden inbetween the rocks and enjoyed running around on the nearly empty beach!

Gabrielle and Beth love looking for shells in the beautiful rock pools.

I took some pictures of the waves crashing on the rocks – I love this one and I'm entering it into Livin' My Life 4 Jesus Photo Challenge for 'Anything'.

We saw seagulls (lots of them :) and even a little octopus!

The girls were very brave, swimming and playing in the rock pools!

Gabrielle splashed...

...And Rebekah just went for a walk...

I love taking pictures of footprints in the sand and this one is amazing with the sea in the background!

On the way to the forest, I asked to stop the car at a bridge where I wanted to get a few photos.

We lunched at Jubilee Creek which is the sweetest creek in the middle of the forest!  We went there years ago when we first lived in Knysna and Gabrielle was a baby...nothing much has changed since and it is still beautiful!

The explorers – Beth and Nancy.

Lunch was soup and yummy rolls!

Beth (trying:) to cross the stream.

While the other girls explored, I went on a walk which was so beautiful!

There are some really beautiful plants growing along the path I walked on...

When I got back, they had been swimming and by then were very cold!

...So, it was time to go home!



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Most gorgeous pics, Kelly!!

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Love the pictures! Thanks for linking up! :]

Kelly-Anne said...

Thanks for the award, Jessica! Glad you like the pictures:) Kellyxxx

Thanks Ali - so glad I could take part in your photo challenge:)