Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Week in Pictures V

Hi everyone!  Today I would like to show you another week of ours in pictures - a better week than last – I didn’t make too many mistakes.  Ha!

I made these delicious apple, date and spice muffins for a snack one day last week.  I made them again the next day, but with raisins instead of dates because they were just so good :)

Our advent calendar is pointing at 14 more sleeps...can you believe it???

This is a quick glance at our bedroom on sorting out day.  The three younger girls need new clothes for Cape Town, so we went through our big hand-me-down boxes and found plenty of new items of clothing for summer!  This is how messy our bed was, but if you just had to take a quick peek around the corner to the kitchen and the Little One’s bedroom, you would probably have screamed “Oh, help!” and fled.  Needless to say it took ages to clean up, but since I suggested we do the clothes, you could blame it on me :(

This is dear old Smokey, Nancy’s cat, on a lazy afternoon.

Sometimes I think I would happily trade places with him...he gets regular meals without having to do a lick of work and usually spends the day sleeping somewhere warm.  On the other hand, a lazy life like that wouldn’t suit me – I always have great plans for what I want to do/achieve each day and I do enjoy working :)

One morning last week, I looked out of the bathroom window (!) and saw a puffball growing in a perfect spot.  So I went outside and took a few pictures and these are the results.

I love this one...the focus on the tiny drop of water is incredible!

I helped Beth glue all her ‘How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World’ lapbook pieces into her book.  She was so proud seeing the finished product!  (She uses the ‘Five in a Row’ curriculum)

And so the sun set after a very hot Sunday afternoon...

I hope you had a blessed week, too!

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