Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Life of Izzie: Part Five

Hello everyone!  I think I need to reintroduce myself seeing as I’ve been so absent!  We’ve been so preoccupied and the computer has been so uncooperative that I just didn’t get to posting anything on my monthly blog for a long time:(

But now I’m back and I want to tell you about everything I’ve been learning and doing.

Firstly, I learnt that cats are sometimes right...remember this post when I told you I would be having a special operation?  The cats didn’t lie – I really disliked being dropped off at the vet to be spayed and when I came home I was in some pain and there was a tiny cut on my belly.  Mom gave me painkillers to make me feel better.


Then the family and I moved house – it was rather exciting.  New smells and things to discover... At first I escaped out the garden because I’m so sneaky and small to chase any fowl roaming around but now I pretty much stay in the yard till walk time.


Walk time!  I have a minimum of  one walk per day.  I go with my grandmother in the mornings for her brisk walk.  Mom and the aunts stay home to get done for breakfast.  We are usually gone for half an hour – the only downside is I have to wear a collar and lead.  Two or three times a week when Granddad gets home from work, he takes the smaller aunts and Mom to the forest for a long casual walk.  Mom always lets me run off-lead then.  We go for about an hour and then I’m so thirsty!  Fortunately Mom takes water along for her and I to drink.


Now that the weather is warming up, we are beginning to go to the beach again.  However, from December 1st no dogs are allowed at the beach till way into January.  Although I am pretty obedient off-lead, Mom keeps a sharp eye on the people coming to the beach.  If there are any dogs within a close distance, I get put on the lead till they go.  It isn’t that I’m unfriendly – I love all canines, but Mom is worried I’ll go up to the unfriendly dogs that are being walked on lead or run off with a fun playmate.  As if!

Aunt Beth and I.

But at night I finish off a great day with a bowl of good food and then I jump onto Mom’s bed.  She usually comes soon after I retire for the day.  She and I sleep side by side and every now and again I give her a cuddle.

It’s a dog life...



Tangerine-Tane said...

So sweet! Wonderful job, Kelly. I apologize for not commenting on your blog for so long! :)
My Mom says she met your mom, Hazel, a long time ago in Clarens, through a friend of hers. She says I met you then, too. But I was so young I can't remember it! Do you?
Tane ♥
P.S. Such a cute dog!

Tangerine-Tane said...

P.S. I have awarded you on my blog!