Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Am Still Here!

Hello everyone!!  I am still here!  I really miss posting but know that I will as soon as we get internet on the farm which should be very soon!  This is just a little post that I am doing from an internet cafe to say we are all fine!

We are busy building a fence around our vegetable garden out of wattle droppers and it looks wonderful!  We are also busy planting and having a lot of fun!

I have finally gotten the saddle on the horse I ride down the road, called Hazelnut and we are doing lots of flatwork in our friend's arena.  I will share photographs of her soon!

The girls are growing nicely and they are really enjoying themselves!  School is coming on and at the moment I am busy with a gradening diary!

I hope all is well for you and I will be doing regular postings soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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lgray said...

Hello Kelly-Anne ... it is SOOOO nice to hear from you and we are so glad that you are all well. We love and miss you all. God bless. Lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses to you all ... Oupa & Granny