Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Compost Bin

We have just gotten a compost bin from my Grandpa. What was also nice was that it had lovely compost in it already! We have wanted a compost bin for a long time to start a veggie garden. Compost is really pricey at the nurseries, so we wanted to make some compost of our own!

We now fill up a bowl with apple peels, egg shells, tea bags and even the crusts of bread the Little Ones don't eat. At the end of the day we take it round to the back of the garden to the compost bin and throw the stuff in! It takes a while to decompose, but at least we have some compost to start with.

This month we are just focusing on doing our garden for school - planting veggies, planting flowers and just making our garden look pretty. We are going to be doing various outdoor projects this month too.

We have also wanted to plant vegetables, at least just salad vegetables, as we love our salads and have them often in summer. It is so expensive now for a cucumber. Even carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and especially lettuce are going through the roof in price. That is why we want to plant salad vegetables ourselves - why not?

Watch this space for up and coming pictures of our veggie garden and compost! Lets get gardening!

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