Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Poetry Tea Party!

Yesterday, we had another poetry tea party. We had lovely time and read poetry from a book called 'The Works 4'. There were lots of funny poems in it! We made banana fritters for our tea-time snack and had a great time! You can buy this book On Amazon.

This is one of my favourite poems my mom read! (hope you like it too)!

Dear Mum:

While you were out
A cup broke itself on purpose.
A crack appeared in that old blue vase that great-grandad
Got from Mr.Ming.
Somehow without me even turning on the tap
The sink mysteriously overflowed
A stange jam stain, about the size of my hand,
Suddenly appered on the kitchen wall.
I don't think I will ever discover exactly how the cat
Managed to turn on the washing machine
(Specially from the inside)
Or how Sis's pet rabbit went and mistook
The waste-disposal unit for a burrow.
I can tell you, I was really scared when, as if by magic,
A series of muddy footprints appeared on your new white
Also, I know the canary looks grubby,
But it took ages and ages
Getting it out of the vacuum cleaner
I was being good (honest)
But I think the house is haunted so,
Knowing you're going to have a fit,
I've gone over to Gran's to lie-low for a bit.

Brian Pattern

I am going to have to keep you waiting for pictures of our craft, as we are still busy! The recipe for the fritters will be coming, wait and see!

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