Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nancy - The Best Playmate!

I know I have not told you much about Nancy. This post I am going to tell you how she makes anything into a game. She invents so many games and if she is not playing, the game is boring.

Nancy is the second eldest of our family and will be turning ten in October.

Nancy loves to read and her favourite book is 'The Pilgrim's Progress'.

Nancy and I are quite close, even if we get cross with each other at times. Nancy was nearly five when Beth was born, so for five years we just had each other to play with.

She loves ballet and is very good at it. Her favourite animal is a dolphin. She has only ever seen dolphins in the distance, swimming and jumping and we toured up the whole coast line to try and get her to see some dolphins!

Nearly everybody says that Rebekah looks like Nancy.



Nancy is also very funny, making jokes and funny things out of something very small. She can invent the grandest of games out of a chore! I would so like to be more like her. She hardly ever complains about doing a chore or drying up - again!

The Little Ones adore her! I remember, when Beth was a baby, Nancy would make noises of farm animals and Beth would laugh and laugh!

I can learn something from Nancy my mom says. I agree with her. She has such a good attitude about doing things and serves with her whole heart. When I would like a track built for my bicycle that I can't build, she does it. When I want her to push me on the wagon, she does it..... cheerfully!

Nancy is a great playmate. Once Nancy had something she had to do for my Granny, and we had just set up a game, Beth and I tried to play by ourselves, but we couldn't. We ended up helping her finish what she needed to do! She makes a normal game into something special. A game that was much more fun than it would have been had she not joined in.

Sometimes I persuade her to doing something that I know I can't do and she still does it. I really have to watch that I don't do that, (my mom says that is manipulation), because she has such a sweet heart that she will do it even if she does not feel like it.

I am so glad I have a sister like Nancy! She is the best playmate I could ever have wished for!

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