Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beth Is Getting Guinea Pigs.

"I want a pet of my own". Beth said one Saturday morning.

Beth hasn't got a pet of her own yet, well neither do I. My cat, Tom decided to leave our home earlier this year. He came back after 29 days but went away again a few days later. Jerry, our other cat is a family pet. Cody is also a family pet and Popcorn was Nancy's though he died a month or two ago.

I think Beth needs a pet of her own. I know that a pet is a big responsibility. When you get given a pet you feel big!

That's what started it! Now, Beth is going to get a guinea pig of her own, actually two because in the book on guinea pigs it says that they get lonely, so get two.

Beth is so excited and gets my mom to read guinea pig care books to her so she can be the BEST guinea pig mommy to her pets! She also look at the books by herself.

Later that afternoon, when my dad, Nancy an I came home from the market we had been doing, we found Beth looking excitedly through some guinea pig pictures my mom foung on Google Images. She was showing us pictures and telling us about other pictures she saw and really going mad about these cute little animals she wanted to get!

We don't just want to rush into this whole 'guinea pig thing', but take it slowly and learn as much about keeping them as possible. Like the old saying say; "more haste, less speed"! We also have never had guinea pigs before so my mom and dad also have to reaserch them!

We are trying to get one thing for her guinea pigs a week.

A friend of ours gave Beth their rabbit hutch for her guinea pigs.

I will post pictures when we are ready to get the guinea pigs. Beth, is so excited!!!


Roberta said...

I love Guinea Pigs they are so cute! there is a girl at our church who has a baby Guinea Pigs and it is the cutest thing! hope to see the pics! miss you lots love roberta

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

I love them too! Hope you are well!