Friday, September 11, 2009

Wagon Wheels

I love riding on the wagon Nancy has designed. Unfortunately my dad decided that it must be packed away. It was very noisy and I cannot tell you how many accidents we all had on that thing!

It is the trolley my dad uses to deliver the jumping castles (we run a very small jumping castle business from home). Nancy designed this beautifully. She used some wood for the seat and used some of my dad's rope as the reins.

I like riding and I like pulling. When I pull, I like to go as fast as I can and make poor Nancy and Beth scream with excitement. I tend to get a bit carried away and tipped poor Gabrielle out of the wagon/buggy.

She landed on her nose and has a nice bruise there. I felt really bad especially since Nancy had warned me to be more careful as I was going too fast. Gabrielle was so light and I turned the corner a bit fast and she toppled out. Nancy and Beth also had toppled out earlier but they were older and knew how to land without hurting themselves.

Gabrielle now has a nice bruised nose. When I ask her if I can see her nose, she points to it!

We were really sad when the wagon got packed away. It provided hours of fun for all of us (except our neighbours. The trolley was really squeaky)!

Gabrielle got on again and enjoyed herself when I walked with her!

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