Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Start!

I love Spring. Spring is when everything comes to life - the animals are born, new flowers start to grow and everything comes to life after Winter. God's creation is really amazing! You feel truly refreshed when Spring arrives!

Spring reminds me that there is always a new start to life. When something goes wrong on Tuesday, we have Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday to just start again!

I love the verse that says that GOD'S mercies are new every morning. That the sun still rises again and that I have a clean slate to start again.

We can start a new day with a clean slate. If you had a day that you failed yesterday, you have the next day to start again. We just have to go to GOD and ask for forgiveness and an opportunity to start again.

Spring is like life. After Winter, Spring comes, a new season, a new start to life.

Don't get discouraged if you fail today, we always have tomorrow to start again, tomorrow is like Spring!

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