Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Movie Night - Garfield

Yesterday night, we watched Garfield. It was on T.V. at 8:00pm. We have watched Garfield before, but that was a looooong time ago! It was Beth and Gabrielle's first time watching Garfield so they were really excited! It is such a funny movie and had us in stitches laughing at this silly cat! So here we go. Here is my review of Garfield!

Garfield is about a fat, lazy and vain cat who has his owner, Jon all to himself, until one day a dog is given to Jon by Garfield's vet, Liz. The dog's name was 'Odie'. Garfield disliked him very much because Jon took more interest in Odie and Garfield was left alone. One night Garfield is locked outside and Odie is sleeping with Jon. Odie wakes up and goes to see Garfield outside and sleep with him for the night. Garfield gets up and runs through the flap in the door (which Odie unlocked from the inside when he came out to see Garfield) and locks poor Odie outside. Odie runs off and gets lost. Then Happy Chapman (the bad guy) finds Odie and wants to take him with him to New York, as Odie is a talented Canine dancer (Garfield taught him how to dance) Jon and Liz, who becomes Jon's girlfriend look all over for Odie. Then Garfield runs off to find his friend, as he was feeling rather guilty for locking Odie outside, which includes lots of adventures. Garfield, together with Sir Roland the cat, and Lewis the mouse who has a love for macadamia nut cookies, rescue Odie from the hands of Chapman! Garfield becomes a hero and he, Odie, Jon and Liz live happily together!

We had burgers for supper. my dad makes our patties himself. It was a lovely meal!

All of us, very interested in the movie! We watched the movie together as my dad took his school on a camp on the Orange River in Namibia today and he will be gone for a week, and we wanted to have some time as a family together before he left.

We only got to bed at about 10:00pm, so we are very tired today!

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