Thursday, September 17, 2009

DVD Review: Little Little House On The Prairie Season 1

Many of you might have read the Little House On The Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you liked them, then you must watch the DVD series with Micheal Landon.

My mom and dad used to watch these on television when they were children. They would watch an episode a week.

We have watched the first season and LOVED it! We were so sad when we realised it was finished!

Of course it is very different to the books, although you get a peak into life as a pioneer in the old days!

There are 10 seasons altogether.

If you live in South Africa, you might want to buy this series on Loots.

If you live overseas, you might want to buy this series on Amazon
Here is Season 1 on Amazon.


Roberta said...

I watched both series 1 en2 a few times we borowed it from a friendn and it is lovely!

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Shhhh! Don't tell me what season 2 is about! I cannot wait to watch it!