Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Poem

Last night at about 8:30pm I came up with a verse to the poem that is below. As I was in bed already, I got up quickly and turned on the light. I scribbled the verse down and got back into bed. The next minute I was up again, writing another verse down. I went to my mom who was feeding Rebekah on her bed and read the verses to her. She liked them, so I went to tell my dad who was busy on the computer entering exam marks (he is a high school teacher). He liked my incomplete poem, but said that I was to get into bed and not do anymore, as it was already late.

It was hopeless. The next second I had another verse for my poem, and another! I went to tell my mom and she said that I could lie in her bed and complete the poem. She did not want me to disturb Nancy, but understood that when inspiration strikes, one needs to act! The verses came and I wrote them down (not very neatly though)!

Then, I was finished! I read the poem to my mom and dad and went to bed. I needed to change a few things as the poem had started off one way and ended in another.

I have never really enjoyed poetry, I guess because I never really understood the poems I read. However, lately my mom has been reading much more poetry to us, so maybe the bug is biting!

Now I love writing poems! I can't wait till I find another poem to write!

Here is my poem. I hope you enjoy it! If you have a poem that you have written, feel free to share it with me on 'comments'.

On That Day:

What will it be like
On the day
When Jesus comes
To take us away

Will the thunder crash?
Will the mountains fall?
Will the clouds part?
Will the seas roar?

Will he come in a chariot
Made of gold?
Will he come
To take back the world?

Will we go
Hand in hand
Through the pearly gates
And in Heaven stand?

Did you know,
Jesus can,
Hold the world
In his hands?

Will he come?
Will he stand?
In front of those who have-
Served him all their life and
Made him glad?

Will the trumpets sound?
Will the kingdoms fall?
Will they know
He is Lord?

So, What will it be like,
On the day,
When Jesus comes
To take us away?

Kelly-Anne Gray


kaelah said...

hi Kelly what a beautiful poem I wish I could write like that it is wonderful!

Linnie said...

Wow, Kelly-Ann, it is beautiful!
Well done!