Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Challenge

I have finished my 500 piece puzzle! It took me a very long time to build and at times I felt like giving up! Building puzzles certainly teach me patience and perseverance! It was a real challenge to build!

Nancy built a puzzle too and finished hers shortly after me, which means that I get the reward for finishing my puzzle first!

Gabrielle got hold of my puzzle when it was in the early stages and put all the pieces I had built back in the box! I wasn't angry with her, just a bit wordless. I cried a little and then started building again. When my mom asked her why she had fiddled with my puzzle, she just relied: "I help keen up".

My puzzle was actually more a '498' piece puzzle because there were 2 pieces missing!

My mom got our puzzles from the library. I am going to build Nancy's puzzle now.

Here are pictures of all the stages:

My puzzle.

First I sorted the pieces. I put the side pieces in one box and the middle pieces in another.

I then built the border. I only found the piece that was missing after I started the inside.

This is how my puzzle looked after Gabrielle got hold of it!

Looking good.

Building with Rebekah in my arms!

Nearly finished!

Yippee! All finished!

Nancy's puzzle.

I like building puzzles. I cannot wait to go to the library and choose another one!


Roberta said...

they lovely puzzle pictures!

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Thanks! I have just gotten two more puzzles from the library! Miss you!