Friday, September 11, 2009

Cleaning The Little One's Room

Yesterday we started sorting out our bedrooms. We started with the Little Ones' room first - theirs was the messiest room in the house. Last night the toy boxes fell over and everything fell out. We just heard giggles coming from their bedroom! When my mom saw that, well, she decided it was room cleaning time!

Nancy and my room needed my mom's help too. We can never make our room look very nice, as Nancy has her mattress on the floor.

We got the big washtub out and just put all the thing that were lying on the floor in the tub. It is amazing how the toys spread - under the bed, under duvets, on shelves, everywhere! We also were amazed to find Beth and Gabrielle's clothing in the doll box and in other toy boxes!

Nancy and I ( who do most of the room tidy-ups) love the part in 'Mary Poppins' when Jane, Micheal and Mary Poppins clean up the room - imagine? A snap of the fingers.... click! The beds are made! Click! The clothes are folded! Wow! I do wish we could do that! (And so does my mom!) It's definitely not the way cleaning happens at normal homes!

Cleaning is not something we look forward to. The Little Ones' room is always a mess, no matter how many times a week we clean it!

Here is what we did:

  1. Put all toys on the floor in a big washing tub.
  2. Remove everything that is in the way out of the room.
  3. Sweep and vacuum to remove all dust while you are cleaning. There is nothing worse than having dust everywhere when you are trying to put things back!
  4. Once all things are out the room, sort things into separate piles, including a throw-away pile and a give-away pile.
  5. Put toys in the allocated boxes.
  6. Pack back into the room.
  7. Stand back to admire.
We are going to clean Nancy and my bedroom another day. My mom says she has to pace herself! The problem is, the Little One's room took so long that our room has to just wait!

Everthing was neat and clean. A job well done!

Nancy, Beth and Gabrielle played on Gabrielle's bed for a while once we had finished. I made a tent for them out of a double unfitted sheet. I tucked the sheet under Beth's mattress and it hung down to make a nice tent. They are looking through the window they made! I remember playing a game like that when I was small. Nancy and I would put a blanket around Nancy's bed and pretend it was a royal bed. I unfortunately never, ever, EVER got to sleep there at night as my bed was on top and Nancy was too scared to sleep up on the top.

What fun it was for them to play in a nice, clean room! Nobody likes to play in a dirty room!

It is so nice to walk into a nice clean room again! I know we will have to clean it again tomorrow, but at least everything is sorted out, making our job MUCH easier!

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