Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spring Banners

We have been making spring banners for the last few days. Our spring banners are paintings of butterflies and flowers joined together to make a banner.

They are not just normal paintings, the butterflies are symmetrical paintings and the flowers were wax drawings with paint over it. It was great fun making these! The bodies of the butterflies were long rectangular shaped, decorated with glitter glues.

We learnt that all of us can't craft at the same time. It is very chaotic with Gabrielle wanting help and Beth complaining that her glitter came out too fast and Nancy and I trying to do our own and all of this with Rebekah in my mom's arms. Now the Little Ones do theirs first and Nancy and I do ours afterwards or when they are asleep.

The banners make the house look so beautiful and really bring spring in even if it is just like winter outside, pouring with rain!

On day one we did the butterflies. We folded a piece of blank paper in half and opened it again. On one side we put blobs of different coloured paint on and then folded it in half. We had to be careful that we did not put paint near the edges or the paint just oozed out.

There were so many butterflies and only after we had put them on the string did we realise that we only needed three or four, not as many as we had done! Here are all the butterflies drying in the kitchen.

Later in the day my mom cut out a body shape for the butterflies. We left the butterflies to dry and we decorated the bodies. It was fun designing the different patterns! We decorated them with glitter and sequins.

Next my mom made a butterfly shape and we traced it onto the butterflies. We then cut all the butterflies out and stuck the bodies on to them.

We then made the flowers. We drew flower shapes with white wax crayons on blank paper. When we had made enough we used water paints to paint over them to reveal the secret flower. We had to also be careful that we did not go over the wax more than once or the wax crayon drawings would disappear.

Once the flowers were dry we cut them out each with its own shape and pattern.

We then took some string and cut some cellotape and laid the butterflies and flowers bottom-up behind the string. We put a butterfly first, then a flower. Butterfly, then a flower and so on. Once that was done we stuck them to the string.

We then got my dad to display them on the wall. I can tell you, its tough being the dad! He had to stand on chairs and reach up and stick these 'things' on the wall!

Why don't you make some Spring banners and celebrate spring with these bright, fun and colourful banners!


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I did! You have lots of posts! Well done!