Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Is This?

What is this leafy-looking thingy?

Is it a leaf?
Is it a chocolate wrapper?

No its a..............................................?

I actually have NO idea what this could be!

Whatever it is, it can hide from all sorts of predators by sitting in a tree and looking like a leaf!

Its such a weird looking insect! I wonder if its a moth?

Nancy was sweeping the front stoep and came upon this leafy-creature. Out I came, armed with the camera and snapped away!

Its so amazing that a creature can protect itself! The camouflage on this leafy-creature is unbelievable! I really thought it was a crumpled up leaf!

Now, take a closer look at it. Can you see that it isn't a leaf?


kaelah said...

Hi Kelly I have also seen a moth like that it is probably a moth so I will just call it a moth. What amazing photos!

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

We were so suprised seeing this weird creature on our doorstep! I would like to find out more about it!