Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spring Gifts

On Saturday we made these lovely spring gifts for some friends of ours who we went to for dinner.

My mom always likes to go to someone with something, she tries to never arrive empty handed.

As we can't always buy presents, we try and make them ourselves.

For these gifts, we put some petunia seeds, which we had in our gardening drawer, in pots which we had from some other plants. For the water tray, we used the punnets from mushrooms. To add some extra decoration till the petunias come up, Nancy made some flowers like the ones we made when we made our spring banners. We put them on ice-lolly sticks and stuck them in the pots. I found some garden rope and dipped it in the leftover green paint to dye it. I tied it around the pots and they were ready to give to our friends. When the seedlings come up, they simply take out the paper flowers.

This is a great gift for friends to celebrate spring!

How about blessing one of your friends with a pot of virtual flowers?

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