Thursday, August 13, 2009

Popcorn's Death

He was such a pretty bird

Poor Nancy. Popcorn died unexpectedly this morning. Here, I wrote about Nancy's new bird Popcorn.

She was very sad. This morning I came through to say goodbye to my dad. He went over to Popcorn's cage for some or other reason and said: "The bird is dead".

"What"? I said. I thought my dad was being sarcastic, but when I went over to the cage, I found he was right.

We think it was old age although the petshop owner said he was 18 months old!! He could have been older.

We are going to look for a hand-reared bird for her this time.

Poor Nancy, she was so sad when my mom told her.

I actually grew to like this little bird, even though he did not like me! Once I was sitting on the couch and he started chirping - I whistled back. On and on this went, Popcorn whistling, me whistling back!

This was the last photo I took of Poppy. Note how interested Cody looks!


kaelah said...

I am so sorry about popcorn

Roberta said...

Shame is Nancy OK shame has she got a new bird yet?

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

No, she has not got a new bird yet. She will probably get on in a month or two.

Linnie said...

hi kelly jammer oor popcorn!!
Ek het van sy naam gehou!
Josua was ook terleergesteld!