Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keeping Tots Entertained

How many of you have tots for siblings? Well I have two tots for siblings, and another one coming up!

They need to have activities to keep them amused, as we found out.

Often, their activities look much more fun than ours, so we join in!

Once, we painted bread with food colouring in milk. At first Nancy and I looked at this and pulled up our noses in disgust! It was actually so much fun, and it did not taste bad! We painted the bread. Then we put it on a baking sheet and toast in the oven. Then we buttered and ate it! It was great fun!

The littles made a bumblebee puppet, which they really enjoyed! I have put a link to the pattern for you.

Bee Craft
First School

Beth painting the bee.

The busy buzzy bees!

Another great tot website is Tot School.

Making ladybirds is fun! All you need is a paper plate and black cardboard and red paint. Just paint the paper plate and trace the legs, spots and mouth on the black cardboard. When the plate is dry, glue the spots, legs and mouth on. Ta-Da, your ladybird is finished!

Gabrielle painting the plate.

The finished ladybird!

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Linnie said...

Hi Kelly!
Dit is alles oulike idees!!
Ek verstaan van wat jy bedoel om kleintjies besig te hou!!
Ons lees maar vir my boeties en sussie stories en bou LEGO!
Danika hou ook daarvan!!

Ek hou van julle Barbie huis! Dit is mooi!

Danika stuur groete vir Beth!

Heidi~Mari xxx