Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gabrielle - Funny Girl!

This little girl does so many funny things to make us laugh!
Here is a photo of her with a beanie on - isn't she adorable?

One morning, we all were lying on Mom and Dad's bed - just talking and laughing over funny things, when we saw Gabrielle talking to Rebekah and then look at her with a puzzled expression. Then she looked at us and said: "Rebekah tan't peak" (can't speak)? We all thought this was very funny and burst out laughing! Little ones are so funny!

Another day, my mom found her with her doll. She had taken koki and had scribbled on her and her doll - they looked the same!

No wonder she had been quiet for such a long time!

She is such a clown and life would not be the same without her!


Roberta said...

I like the dolly photo it made me laugh!

Linnie said...

Hi kelly!
Sy lyk snaaks!
Andrew en David doen dit ook altyd!
as hul stil word sĂȘ my ma altyd ons moet gaan kyk! sien jou vinneg weer!
lots of lofe