Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Walk Up Constantia Nek

Today we went on another walk up Constantia Nek. We took Cody with us as he was very lonely and bored as we have been sick and unable to play with him.

We set off at about 9.30am and came home at about 3.00pm. We did not walk the whole way, as it was a little too far.

We made some Apple Cinnamon Muffins to take with us as a snack, as snacks for a family of seven (six able to eat), is extremely expensive!

We had a splendid walk and we played a great game on a steep slope with Cody. He was scared of the ledge and I went skiing down the slope with Cody pulling me! We are at this ledge in this picture and it is waaaaaaay higher than where we are and it is very muddy!

Nancy had great fun climbing up the ledges and jumping down! She really gave a fright with how high she could climb!

Beth had great fun too!

Gabrielle had fun playing the good samaritan to the stones by watering them with her water! We gave her river water in the end to save our drinking water from being used to water the stones!

A few months ago we went on this walk with some friends of ours. I wrote about it here.

We had a great day enjoying nature and our family!


Roberta said...

your dog must of loved that trip!

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

He did! He was a great friend to have on the trip!