Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What To Do When Mom Gets Sick

What happens when Mom gets sick? The answer is: the house falls apart! But can it fall apart that much if there are big girls helping? The answer to that question is: no!

My mom was sick for quite some time, she became sick with a cold, then the cold went into bronchitis. The bronchitis got worse and worse and eventually she landed up in bed. What made it even worse was that she was pregnant!

But that did not mean the house had to fall apart. We big girls could manage!

Here are a few tips on how to cope if your mom becomes ill:

  • You can do the washing and the dishes, you can take care of the little ones while Mom rests and cook a meal so that Mom does not have to worry about whether you are eating that night or not!
  • You can vacuum and sweep so that Dad does not step on the little ones' play dough and get annoyed!
  • You can take care of everything while Mom is sick or pregnant. It is hard work, but it is so rewarding seeing how much your mom appreciates it.
  • Mom being sick does not mean that you do not have to do schoolwork, you can snatch a moment here and there to read a few lines of your book or to do one or two exercises in your maths book when the little ones' are sleeping. You can also help your brothers and sisters with their schoolwork.
  • Keeping the little ones entertained is a problem when you are trying to do chores or make supper. Having a few activities ready does help. Water play is nice on a hot day, as long as there is someone there to keep an eye on them. You could give them a tray with a cup and teapot of water and let them make pretend tea is a nice activity!

  • Also remember Mom is not going to be sick forever, so when you feel like you cannot anymore, try to feel how poor Mom must feel doing this everyday!
  • Making Mom feel special while she is ill is important. Decorating her tea tray with pretty flowers is a great way to make her feel better! I like to write notes to my mom to say that I am praying for her and that I hope she gets better soon. Another way to make her feel special is to massage her feet and pray for her.

  • Being kind to your helpers is a big thing as you are not the only one struggling.
  • Your dad is going to be tired when he comes home from a stressful day at work, so make sure all you have to do, is done.
  • Being cheerful while doing all of this is important. In the Bible it says: God loves a cheerful giver! Your Mom will feel bad if she sees you sulking about doing a chore, that she is not doing and will try and get up to helpnd in the end feel so awful after that she has to stay in bed even longer.
  • Try and keep the little ones quiet while inside so that your mom can rest. Tell them that if they want to run and shout they must go outside.
  • While Mom is sick, try to set aside your own feelings
  • While mom is sick, try and set aside your own feelings and give to others. Remember you can do what you want to do another day, when mom is not sick. Also remember that God gives back, so do not compare yourself with your younger siblings who may be playing and having fun!
  • You will feel so blessed when mom is better and the house is not messy. Mom will also look forward to getting better. Imagine you were sick and your mom just let the house fall apart, would you like to get up when you were feeling better and go clean everything up? I don`t somehow think so! It is the same with your mom. Try to keep everything under control. Remember, everyone else has to do the same thing for you when you are sick. Do unto others, what you would have them do to you and what you sow you reap.
So don't give up, focus on what you must do and keep on, or like Dory the fish says in 'Finding Nemo': "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"!

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