Friday, August 7, 2009

Meet Cody

Meet Cody, our new dog.

He is a tan-coloured Boxer. He is very sweet, and wants to be with us the whole time!
At the moment, he is sleeping behind my chair!

We had wanted a dog, even before the break-in we had on the 9th of last month.

We were looking on Gumtree, under 'pets' and we found a lot of adverts, but none that suited us.

We found one dog, a black Labrador and my dad left a reply and the lady phoned and we were going to take the dog, but then the lady said: "oh, I forgot to tell you that Roxy is a half staffie".

We have had bad experiences with a staffie - we had one and it nearly killed our dear cat Jerry!

Then one day, a lady phoned us to say she has a dog for us - a dog that she thought would suit us
and, it did!

We take Cody to the common, on walks, anywhere a dog would love!

We can now play 'Famous Five' and great games with Cody! A dog makes a family complete! We play dog jumping and all sorts of games with him!

Cody, as we found, has an incredibly sweet tooth! As I have told you before, I have a business selling fudge! I am sure you know the rest! Five packets eaten! I was extremely cross! It is, of course, hard to be cross for long with a very innocent-faced boxer!

I love Cody! He is a wonderful friend to us and wants to be there 'with' us!
He turns out to be an outstanding guard dog. Today, our landlord was busy painting the bathrooms and Cody growled and barked at the painters and our landlord!

His favourite place to sleep at night is the couch! One night my dad walked through and saw him innocently looking at him at him, as if to say, "Yes, and the problem is"?

He also loves to strech out on the floor and just sleep!

Poor Gabrielle was woken late one night to him giving her a huge kiss! You don't want a dog like Cody to give you a kiss, he has a lot of slobber!


kaelah said...

'Love your dog!'

Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Thanks Kaelah, love him to!