Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In A French Frenzy Part 1

I am in a French frenzy! We are planning a French meal for Friday! Today we went to the shop to buy all the things we need. We had such an annointed morning, the Little Ones behaved so well, including Rebekah!

There will be a few parts to this, this is part#1.

For every book we do for school that is based in another country, we make a meal to celebrate the end of the study. We have done Italy, America and China. It is great fun making all the food and doing the decor.

This time we decided to invite some friends around to join us, which is really exciting! We really have to get to the library soon to find some French music!

We went to Blue Route mall in Tokai to get what we needed and had a ball choosing everything!

The lady at the butchery in Checkers really got into this whole thing and, as my mom was taking pictures, she offered to bring the whole lamb out for us to stand next to and take a picture. Poor Nancy was in a bit of a tizz as she thought that the lamb got on her hair - I am sure it did not!

At Woolworths we got the onions and baby corn and a few other things. I had fun weighing the onions to make sure they were less than a kilogram!

We took some muffins with to have as a snack as buying snacks for five people is jolly expensive! My mom baked a batch of muffins and made some juice to take with. We bought some yogurts to have as a treat from Checkers.

We had to just stop in at CNA to get my magazine. I get the HQ (Horse Quarterly magazine every two months)

We did everything in about two and a half hours, which was not bad considering that we made a very long (as always) trip to the bathroom which takes some time! We also spent about 15 minutes having our snack!

We came home and Mom made lunch while I held Rebekah and Nancy entertained the Littles outside.

Choosing the baby corn.

Looking at the different herbs. Unfortunately they did not have bouquet garni which we needed for the stew.

This lovely lady very kindly offered to bring a whole lamb out for us to take a picture of!

The man cutting our meat.

Nancy taking the meat we needed for the stew.

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