Monday, August 31, 2009

In A French Frenzy Part 4

We had a very successful French dinner! We had some friends of ours round to join us. We usually just do it for our family, but this time we decided to have some friends to join us to make it more exciting! We have had some really nice meals for school when we study a different country. We have done China, Italy, America and now, France. It was such a lovely evening, though we were absolutely finished by the time the evening was over!

Our Chinese dinner, 2007

Our American dinner, July 4th, 2008

We had some lovely French music to go along with the evening. I must just tell you it was my dad who organized the music. He was really sad for us when he heard what happened to us at the library. Well, I guess you would like to know what happened to us at the library?
Nancy, Beth and I went into the library by ourselves while my mom was in the car with Rebekah, who was sleeping. The librarians were extremely unhelpful and in the end gave us some classical music by French composers which DID NOT help us! Of course Nancy and I did not know any better - I mean what do I know about French music? I don't even know normal music! Of course my dear daddy was extremely unhappy when he heard what had happened to us and went out and bought us a lovely French CD - which he never normally does! It felt quite special to know the story behind the music playing! And, as it turned out, we really all enjoyed the CD immensely and are still listening to it!

Nancy was in charge of setting the table while I finished off our lovely lamb stew. She did an excellent job and made the table look beautiful! She put the model Eiffel Tower in the middle of the table with some flowers from our garden around it. I am very proud of her for doing such a lovely job even though she knew the time was running out!

Nancy and I dressed in blue and red clothes. We did not have any white clothes, so we just wore red and blue!

We had planned on eating beforehand so that we would be free to serve and do everything we were meant to do, but ended up eating with everyone else due to the time running out!

We had such a lovely evening and we really enjoyed giving our presentations before a course and serving AND eating! Everything was soooooo yummy, though I liked the stew and the cheese board the best!

I really must say, we were absolutely finished by the end of the meal and just about fell into bed once everything was tidy. What did not help was that we had our food market (I will post more about this another day) early the next morning! We really enjoyed our evening and that really made up for the tiredness!

Here are the photos of our French evening:

The Crudites we served before the meal.

Me sticking the menu onto card stock.

The table Nancy beautifully set.

All of us enjoying our dinner.

Nancy saying her piece while I get stuck into my piece of Nougat!

The yummy cheese board!

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