Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Bad Fall!

This is Flash if you have never heard of her before. We have won a class together before. She is a great pony!

Aaaaaah! I am in so much pain! I took a nasty fall off Flash today.

My wrist is so sore! I landed on it.

There was a very large, 70cm spread jump, that I was doing. Flash and I jumped an almighty jump that caused me to land on her neck my back facing the saddle! I slipped off her side and landed on my wrist.

Flash galloped away at top speed, as she had gotten a fright! My teacher went to fetch her for me.

I had to get on again so that I would not be scared of jumping again! I was full of sand and very wet as the sand was wet from the rains we have been having. I did the jump again, and a second time too, just to be extra certain that I had not lost my nerve. The second time I fell off again - although not so badly this time! I had to do that jump again, and by that time I was very wet and cold, and cross that I had fallen off - again! I jumped that one properly, and rode back to the stables happy that I had mastered it!

We had been doing so well up until then! We jumped 70 cm and 80 cm jumps for the first time and doing gymnastics on a straight line.

I was a bit nervous of that 70 cm jump before my fall, as it was quite a wide spread.

The other children that I ride with are away in the Karoo, so I had a lesson on my own.

I like having jumping lessons on my own, as I can have my teachers full attention. She told me she wanted to see how high I could jump today. I was so excited! Flash is such a great jumper and my teacher says she has little springs in her legs! We jumped 20 cm higher than we usually jump!

I am not really scared of 'jumping high' but I am a bit nervous of a spread!

I had a great lesson otherwise! It is just a bit tricky - doing everything with one hand.

I can't do writing schoolwork, so I am a little frustrated!

I guess these things happen and I just have to learn to get on with it. I have my wrist in a Wrist Guard now! Nancy has to do lots of things for me, including putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush!


Elevengrapes said...

So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope your wrist is better really soon!

Very well written!


Kelly-Anne Gray said...

Thanl you very much!