Friday, July 10, 2009

First Place!

We won the grooming competition!

Yesterday was my second show. It was a practice show to prepare us for the December show. I was meant to only
jump in the 20cm, 30cm and the 40cm which had 50cm jump off! I ended up doing the 50cm which had a 60cm jump off! I had never jumped 50cm or 60cm before! It was so much fun! I got clears in both the 20cm and the 30cm! I won the 40cm with the 50cm jump off! My time was the fastest! Because I won the 40cm, I was able to do the 50cm. I was only praying for a placing in the 40cm, let alone winning it! I was so happy that when I received my rosette, I had tears in my eyes! It felt so good to do that lap of honour knowing I was the winner!

I have to say Flash was an absolute star winning a class with me and her owner, beating horses! She is an amazing pony! I will be sad to have to stop riding her when I am thirteen when I move from ponies to horses.

Me waiting for my round.

In the 50cm, I came fourth, which was really nice as her owner and me were competing in the same class! Her owner won and I was quite happy with fourth place!

I was on a jumping camp from Tuesday to Thursday. We got to build the course and ride it on the Wednesday so I did not get the course wrong!

Flash won the grooming competition! Our group won the stable cleaning competition too! I was so happy!

When I passed the finish with a clear round in the 50cm, I was a little bit nervous of the jump off, as 60cm is a HUGE first for me! I remember thinking: "I'm in"!

It was a great day and I received five rosettes! Much better than last time! My family went home after my four rounds, as I had to stay till four as my camp only finished at that time.

My family got quite a shock and this shock really spoilt their good spirits. Our house had been burgled. Someone had gone to my parent's en-suite and opened the window fully, (as it was already a little bit open) and screwed the bars off! They were very neat: the bottle on the shelf was neatly put down, not broken! The towel there was still folded! We had a mild one compared to others!

They took my dad's laptop, without the hard-drive in, so that does not help them much and my mom's engagement ring and our beautiful gold bracelet that had my mom and my name on it. We wore it on our birthdays. They took a few more small things, but it was annoying because somebody strange was 'here' in our house.

It was a quite a bad end to our day, but we are fine now.

Anyway, we had a lovely time. Gabrielle was shouting: "Go Kelly"! It was very sweet!


kaelah said...

Great work Kelly!!!!!!

Roberta said...

WOW!!! you do really well in Horse riding!