Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Joy Of Being A Big Sister!

Being a sister is really one of the most rewarding things to be in the world. While they give us a tough time and test our patience, they make up for it by giving hugs and kisses!

It was late Wednesday night, four weeks ago. Mom was in hospital and Dad was there too, looking after Mom and new baby Rebekah. Nancy was reading and I was trying to put the littles to sleep, but that, was a misson impossible!

Beth was alright, but Gabrielle was another story! "Mama, and Veri Hungy", was what she was saying, making excuses! She was REALLY trying my patience and WOULD NOT go to sleep, as much as I asked her to!

I did not know what else I could do but pray that she would fall asleep!

During her moans, complaints and cries, she gave me a wonderful surprise! I felt so loved by her and I felt I really was a big sister that my sisters loved!

She gave me a hug and put her sweet, chubby arms around my neck, and me, thinking she was going to moan again, was so surprised when she said: "I yuv you"!

That was what I needed to carry on! She gave me the water that I so badly needed to carry on walking through the desert! I almost cried I was so happy! God gave me such a wonderful little sister that loved me and relied on me!

Wow! I was so blessed to have her say that!

When I feel like I cannot go on anymore, God sends a little 'something' to lift me up to carry on again.

Eventually, she fell asleep and I was extremely grateful, but part of me wanted her to be awake to give a cuddle again!

I snuck out of the room and said goodnight to Beth, who was still awake at that stage and went to bed.

It was such a wonderful moment, and I knew, there was a joy to being a big sister! What I experienced that night, no money in the world could buy. To have my sister tell me she loves me was so special.

Take time to love your sisters, or brothers for that matter. Appreciate them. Sometimes I get very cross with my sisters, as all people do with their siblings, but I can go and make up and give them a hug and tell them "I love you".

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Roberta said...

Gabrielle is just the cutest thing!