Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meet Popcorn!

Meet Popcorn, the newest addition to our family!
He is a yellow cockatiel.

Nancy has been wanting a bird for some time now, and last Thursday, my family went to Tokai for business reasons and she got a bird!
She was so excited that she now had a bird!

This little thing is so viscious and every time I go near the cage, he hisses! I am more scared of him than I am of horses!

Nancy had a cage already, all she needed was food (and the bird of course!)
She bought a swing for him on Friday and she is planning to get him some more toys, but she first needs to earn more money to replace what she spent!

She wants to teach him how to talk and ring like a telephone! (My mom's bird, Kiki, used to ring and really annoyed my gran!)

I think I will keep a fair distance away from him, as I have enough bruises and cuts as it is and I really don't feel like any bites from a bird!


kaelah said...

what a beautiful cocktiel
its a shame that he is so mean!

Roberta said...

hi Kelly hope to see you soon! Love the bird!