Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!

On Wednesday it was Beth's 5th birthday.

It really does not feel like we have been here over a year already! She is a five year old little girl! I remember holding this little baby, delighted to have a sister! It was just Nancy and I before she was born!

This sweetie is now half a decade, of which she is really proud!

It is the first time Beth has had two birthdays in one place! Every other birthday she was in a different place!

Her first birthday was in Greyton. Her second at Bekezela. Her third in Knysna and her fourth here in Fish Hoek!

I must say, she has really been on a journey, quite an achievement for a five year old!

We love this little girl who is growing up so nicely!

Beth with her 'Birthday Bag' with all her gifts in!

Beth had a tiny little party in the rain at Noordhoek Common with some friends who lived down the road.

I made some little quarter sandwiches and my mom made some beautiful little cupcakes. We had some juice and chips.

It really looked like it was going to rain before we left, but we decided to go anyway and hope for the best!

Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day for a picnic birthday lunch, except, it started to rain when we were nearly finished eating lunch! We did not even get to play jumping over cross-country jumps! It was really annoying as there is lots of open space to run and play!

We went to Aunty Sue's house to warm up and dry off and for a cup of tea!

At least we got to eat outside!

In the evening two families came to wish Beth, and they very sweetly brought her a present!

We had cup cakes again and the grown ups had coffee and cup cakes!

Beth had a lovely day and really enjoyed it!

I gave her a scrapbooking kit and stickers!

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