Friday, August 7, 2009

Brilliant Bio Strath!

Bio Strath is such a wonderful thing!It is an immune system booster.
For a little while, my mom was off Bio Strath and what we found happening, was amazing!

Rebekah was very miserable and slept even worse than she normally does. We were so tired of her just crying the whole time, and decided to get Bio Strath again, as that could be why Rebekah was crying! When my mom was on the bio strath, her milk was more nourishing. When she was off the Bio Strath, Rebekah would feed and feed and then get a bloated tummy, as the milk was not very nourishing!

Well, what do you know? The very next night, after my mom taking Bio Strath, Rebekah was a different baby!

The Bio Strath really helps!

I thought I would just tell you how wonderful this is!

It is completely natural and you can find it a pharmacy, health shop, or any shop for that matter. Children can also have it. My two year old sister, Gabrielle, eats it like that, chewing it like a sweet! I just have to say, it is not very tasty!

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